Technology Solutions

In addition to our Fitness offerings, we also offer solutions for web and mobile app development. Each project is custom and unique to meet the needs of the client.

Web Development

We offer website solutions from the simple informational personal site, to complex dashboard sites. Each website is designed in a mobile first design pattern to meet the current technological needs. Our websites are developed primarily using using the following:

  • Javascript, PHP
  • MySql
  • Twitter Bootstrap

Additional technologies can be used based on the needs of the client.

Sample Sites - A website for the DrinkMate breathalyzer - An online fitness tracking software - A personal website for a massage therapist - A personal website for a life coach
Mobile App Development

We offer solutions for mobile app development for the latest and greatest on Android and iPhone. Each app uses the most recent design patterns and functionality to offer the most current user experience to users. Our apps are coded using the language for their respective architecture.

  • Android - Java
  • iOS - Swift
Sample Apps
- There are a variety of sample apps that are available by request
DrinkMate - The app to run the DrinkMate Breathalyzer on mobile devices (Android only)
Spiro's Quest - A mobile game for herding goats (Android and iOS)